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Austin Baby proofing
babyproofing home in Austin

Why Hire A Professional Baby Proofer?

Austin Babyproofing can help new parents navigate the process of baby proofing for a new baby with confidence.

Save time – Professionals are familiar with the products and can efficiently install items leaving you with more time to spend with your family.

Save money – Avoid the trial and error of trying to find the items that work in your home

Quality products – Professionals know which products are well made, complies to safety standards and are high quality

Quality installation – Professionals have the experience dealing with all sorts of hazards in all sorts of homes

Point out other potential hazards – First-time parents might not be aware of how quickly a crawling baby can find trouble. An expert can help point out numerous and overlooked hazards in the home.

Offers custom recommendations – Evaluation service will provide you with a customized room-by-room set of recommendations

Austin Babyproofing Company has been serving Austin since 2000 and is a locally family owned business.  Certified Professional Childproofer by the IAFCS.  Call us today to let us help you make your home safe for little one.

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