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Having Trouble Getting A Gate In By A Stair Railing/post?

Austin Babyproofing Company frequently gets calls from families after they have run into problems installing a stair gate against a post or railing.  We have seen it all and can easily get a gate installed using a variety of clamps, leaving your baby safe and staircase looking great. Give us a call for an estimate …

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Modular Gates

If you have a large space, doorway, or area to secure, try a modular gate.  These are great for irregular spaces because you can add numerous extensions and the gate can pivot/bend to fit any shape.  Modular gates are also perfect around a fireplace or exercise equipment. Call Austin Babyproofing today for an estimate!

Railing Covers

Sometimes two-story homes have railings spaced too far apart or with horizontal rungs.  Autin Babyproofing can cover those with custom-sized plexiglass panels.  These provide a clean & modern look while keeping little one safe.  

Gates 101

When new parents think of baby proofing their home for a little one starting to crawl, gates are often the first thing to come to mind.  Austin Babyproofing has been helping new parents secure their homes with baby gates since 2000. Of course you need to have a gate at both the top and bottom …

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