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Keep Your Kids Safe On The Go By Childproofing Your Staircase

The new parents spend most of their time caring for a toddler. Believe it or not, it is hard to manage them alone in the house. Individuals change their adult-friendly homes into kid-friendly ones to make them crèche-ready in no time. They do their best to keep the child unharmed from unprecedented accidents when they start crawling. But while babyproofing the house, we forget about the stairs. We all know how much safety for children is indispensable. Therefore, in this guide, we have mentioned how to babyproof your staircase and remain stress-free.

5 Ways To Childproof Your Staircase

No mother can satisfy her worries about the protection of toddlers. Nevertheless, still, one can take the necessary steps to protect their child. Moreover, if we talk about what age of the infant we should take these steps, the answer can be when the kid is 8-9 months. It is the age where the toddler will begin to stand up, holding something firm. Read further about the effective methods to make the staircase toddler friendly.

1. Keep The Staircases Free Of Obstacles

In general, we should keep the staircase from any items like clothing or toys. Even if there are a limited number of stairs, say one or two, keep it obstacle-free to ensure the safety for children.

2. Carpeting The Stairs

If, by chance, after taking all the measures, the child falls, carpets will rescue the child. Since the carpet will help to soften the blow, the kid will be less harmed in the fall. But, one needs to ensure that carpets are not torn or frayed, as they can cause a tumble.

3. Do Not Forget About Baby Proof The Stair Railing

Infants have the habit of hanging around the railing and trying to pass it through. If your railing is too wide, it can fall through. Furthermore, in the case of narrow railings, they can stick their head or maybe legs.

4. Take The Help Of Professionals For Installing Baby Gates

Since the safety first childproofing products are essential for your kid, you can call the experts like us at Austin Babyproofing Company. Our experts will do the top-notch installation of a secured gate and can help in avoiding accidents. 

5. Restrict The Child’s Access To The Staircase
To create a sound environment for parents, they can decide on restricting the kids’ access to the staircase. You might feel it is a norm, but it is essential for the safety of children. Since no matter how hard you try, one might leave anything, and the child can get hurt.

Avoid The Series Of Mini Or Major Catastrophes By Calling Us Today!

If you see the reports of child injuries, you will notice that major accidents are caused due to falls suffered from stairs. Whether you have a steep staircase or the normal one, consider counting on us to make it guarded for your child. In addition, the baby gates should be placed at the top and bottom of the stairs. One can rely on us at Austin Babyproofing Company for baby-proofing the house. We have a list of childproofing products to help keep the child risk-free.