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Must-Have Baby Proofing Product For New Parents

Home is the safest place for any individual, yet children ought to get most injured by the objects in the house. Research shows that children between 1-3 are most prone to accidents in their homes. Whether your baby is crawling or not, they can still encounter many hazardous objects in the house. It is recommended that soon-to-be parents start childproofing your home products three months before the due date, as all these may take some time. In addition, the second baby proofing should be done when they are six months old.

5 Baby Proofing Products That Are Beneficial For The Parents

Kids are little explorers, so you may not stop them, but you can stop them from getting hurt again and again. We have collated a list of baby-proofing products to ensure the safety of your kids; continue to read more.

1. Corner Guards

Children are clumsy creatures and often get hurt by striking at the corners of counters, tables and chairs or other furniture. These transparent guards, without spoiling the furniture, lessen the blow of collision, thereby saving your kids from getting frequent boo-boos and you from the constant worry of how to babyproof your house.

2. Door Lock And Pinch Guard

This door lock restricts their access to certain rooms, and as an added advantage, the pinch guard saves their delicate hands and fingers from getting chapped. It saves the parents from the struggle of using tape and tools by keeping the doors in a partially cracked position.

3. Toilet Lock

Kids are somehow fascinated by the bathrooms, so it’s better to get childproofing your home products. The toilet seat lid-lock keeps your child’s hands and clog-causing toys out of the dirty toilet. These easily attach to the toilet seats and are easy to open by adults.

4. Water Thermometer

Babies need a very moderate water temperature; otherwise, it may hurt their delicate skin. The baby bath thermometer comes in the form of various adorable toys kids love. The yellow duck is most loved, which gives a color-coded temperature reading; red means too hot and green means too cold. Thus the temperature can be adjusted by parents accordingly.

5. Stair Gate

There are many easy-to-walk-through stair gates available which stand up to 30 inches high. Set it up in the gateways or hallways based on the place where kids love to explore the most. It is the simplest way to build a babyproof home.

6. Fireplace Gate

Adults love snuggling near the hearth, but it may not be great if you have kids in your home. The little ones are highly at risk of hurting themselves in the fireplace; thus, parents can avoid such accidents by installing a fireplace fence. This fence lies on high-mounted hardware and a heavy-duty tubular steel frame for maximum safety. These fences also work great for fencing stoves and grills.

7. Carpets

Hardwood or tile floors can be tough on the delicate knees of the kids. Carpets or rugs are a stylish way to cushion the floors and stairs of the house during the crawling stage for the kids. These covers are not permanent and can be easily detached and washed, thus ensuring sanitary for the kids. We have the leverage to choose the color, texture and design.

Trust Our Experts With Baby Proofing Of Your House!

Worried about your kids’ safety? Austin Babyproofing Company saves your little ones from getting into big trouble with the minutely executed services of childproofing your home products. Contact us, and we will take away your worry and hassle from childproofing your home from room-by-room evaluation to installation.