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Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid While Baby Proofing Your Home

Parenting a toddler is not easy, as toddlers have a knack for touching everything in the house. They are excellent explorers that can put any hazardous or poisonous thing in their mouths. So, the question arises, is your house baby-proof? Because the kids are known to get attracted to flashy and sharp objects placed on the floor. Thus, chances are high that babies can consume any unsafe thing that can impact their health. Therefore, you need to hire a professional baby-proofing service expert for your house. Read this post to know common mistakes that might occur while baby-proofing.

Know Everything You Need To Avoid When Baby Proofing

First-time parenting is a challenging task. Parents need to look around the house and identify the things that can potentially harm their six or seven months old. Further, many people try baby-proofing DIY that can be left with few mistakes. Let’s look at mistakes that can arise while baby-proofing your house. 

1. Uncovered Harmful Electric-Sockets And Wires

Uncovered electric sockets present at the lower levels

are prone to the child as there are chances that toddlers can insert their fingers in the pocket. Open wires are also responsible for hazardous short circuits. Further, cables that are left plugged into the socket can cause significant concerns. Toddlers can put the cable in their mouths. Therefore ensure that you keep them covered or far away from your toddler’s reach.

2. Consumption Of Irrelevant Medicine

The common mistake many parents make while DIY proofing is leaving the prescribed medications around the child. These young offsprings have a habit of swallowing pills that can impact their health. Further, the impact of these chemicals, if consumed by children, can lead to potential poisoning. Thus, it would be best if you considered availing of expert home childproofing services in Austin.

3. Open Gates Of The Bathroom And Kitchen

Both bathroom and kitchen are the potential areas where injuries can occur. Kids can enter the bathroom and try to reach the bathtub, thereby increasing their chances of drowning if water is filled within a few inches. On the other hand, the kitchen is full of harmful objects like knives and forks, which makes it a harmful and unsafe spot for your toddlers. Moreover, the spices and other eatable items in the kitchen can enter your kids’ eyes and cause unwanted irritation and infection. Therefore, it’s best to rely on the experts offering baby-proof services. 

4. Poor Furniture Placement

You might think about better furniture placement to protect the kid from dangerous furniture. But, there are chances that the furniture you think is safe for your kid is less safe than you thought. Furniture with sharp edges can lead to head injury. Therefore, joining hands with professionals who know how to babyproof your house is better than choosing the DIY approach. 

5. Open Balconies And Staircases

These kinds of settings are mainly dangerous for the family living in the environment. Kids can potentially fall through the open staircase or balconies. Further, these kids can also have a habit of putting their heads, feet, or hands on the balcony and staircase grills, which can lead to injury. 

6. Vulnerable Products Like Batteries That Kid Can Swallow

Swallowing vulnerable products like batteries, remote controls, and other alkaline materials can damage the digestive system. It can damage the food pipe or cause serious injury, holes, or perforation in the food pipe. Therefore, you need professional baby-proof experts who can help you carefully assess every situation that can be hazardous to the child. 

7. Presence Of Pets Around Your Kid

Pets, if appropriately trained, can be friendly companions to your kids. However, toddlers might need the right experience to deal with pets like cats or dogs. Dogs can quickly become ferocious, which can harm your kid. Therefore, you must keep the pet and kid in a separate room/arrangement by ensuring proper baby-proof services for your house. 

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Baby proofing is essential for ensuring the child’s safety in your house. You must take ample steps to ensure your kid will always be safe, even after your absence. Many people try to follow DIY steps that are imperfect for baby-proofing. Thus, professional baby-proofing services are required before bringing your baby home. Need home childproofing services in Austin at affordable rates? You can rely on Austin Babyproofing Company for top-notch solutions to keep your baby safe. Call us now!