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Gates 101

When new parents think of baby proofing their home for a little one starting to crawl, gates are often the first thing to come to mind.  Austin Babyproofing has been helping new parents secure their homes with baby gates since 2000.

Of course you need to have a gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs to prevent falls down the steps but also consider gates as a way to help keep little one within sight.  Instead of little one toddling down the hallway while you’re making dinner, a gate in the doorway of hallway can keep her close by.  Other rooms that are often gated are offices, laundry room, or a room with exercise equipment

When considering gates at the stairs, remember that pressure gates should not be used at the top of stairs due to the trip hazard of the bar at the bottom and the chance of the spindles becoming loose over time.  Instead, use a hardware mounted gate that is installed into studs.  Since the likelihood of the studs lining up directly across from each other, you’ll want to select a gate that can be mounted at an angle.

Gates at the top of the stairs should open over the landing, not swing over the steps.  Spacing between the gate & wall and between gate & floor should be less than 3”.

A professional baby proofer like Austin Babyproofing Company can help you select the correct gate for your home & needs.  We offer installation services as well as consultation services to help you determine potential hazards before an accident happens.  Austin Babyproofing is a local family owned business and the only Certified Professional Childproofer in the Austin area.

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