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September is Baby Safety Month

  September is National Baby Safety Month.  This is a great time review your home for basic safety measures if you have children or grandkids in the home.  While your Great Aunt Mabel may brush away the notion of needing baby proofing saying that her kids

Bathroom Safety 101

Nothing is as sweet and warm as the sweet scent of your baby’s clean skin. I remember lots of fun times getting my little gals clean as they played with bubbles and explored the water. Let’s keep the bathroom a safe place for your

Nursery Safety 101

When I first enter a new client’s home, I always prefer to see a more minimalist style. No need to go overboard with décor, decorations and knickknacks in this room, those are all just things that can potentially be pulled down, pulled out, pulled apart,

Pot of boiling water in the kitchen

Kitchen Safety 101

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families break bread, bond and learn from each other. It is so important for children to be involved here so that they can learn healthy habits and manners.